QI Group memiliki 18 anak perusahaan yang terbagi atas 8 subdivisi utama,yaitu:

E-Commerce and Interactive Marketing
(1) QuestNet Ltd. (http://www.quest.net/)

Luxury and Collectible Products
(2) JR Mayer Collections Ltd. (http://www.jrmayercollections.com/)
(3) Qatana Ltd. (http://www.qatana.com/)

Financials Services and Corporate Investment
(4) Q Financials Ltd. (http://www.qfinancials.com/)
(5) Q Asset Investment Ltd.

Media Works
(6) Quest Productions International Ltd. (http://www.questprod.net/)
(7) Quest Entertainment Ltd. (http://www.qe-ltd.com/)
(8) Image Quest Ltd.

(9) Quest Technologies Global (Pte) Ltd. (http://www.qt-ltd.com/)
(10) QI Comm Limited (http://www.qicomm.com/)
(11) Quest PayNet Ltd.

Business Consultancy and Strategic Planning
(12) Quest Strategies Ltd. (http://www.queststrategies.com/)

Training and Education
(13) V-Team Ltd. (http://www.v-team.net/)
(14) GITA International (S) Pte Ltd. (http://www.gitamarketing.com/)

Resorts and Holidays
(15) Quest Leisure Ltd.
(16) Quest Vacation International Ltd. (http://www.qviclub.com/)
(17) Quest Resorts Ltd.
(18) Quest Travel Ltd.